Ottawa (Ontario), le 25 juin 2019 – La Coalition pour la croissance agricole du Canada et ses membres demandent aux ministres au niveau fédéral, provincial et territorial (FPT) d’entamer la mise en oeuvre d’un plan en quatre points afin d’assurer la prise de mesures immédiates visant à mettre en place des programmes nationaux de gestion des risques de l’entreprise (GRE) qui seront plus utiles pour les agriculteurs partout au Canada que les programmes actuels.

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Canadian Farmers Need Immediate Action on BRM Program

Ottawa, ON (June 25, 2019) – Canada’s AgGrowth Coalition and its members are calling on the Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Agriculture Ministers to begin implementation of a four-point plan for immediate action on national Business Risk Management (BRM) programs that will be more beneficial to farmers from across Canada than legacy programs that are currently in place. The AgGrowth Coalition and its members believe the following actions should be implemented by the FPT Agriculture Ministers during their meeting in Quebec City this July: 1. AgriStability coverage immediately adjusted to cover losses starting at 85 per cent reference margins with no Reference Margin Limits; 2. Prioritize discussions on production insurance for livestock and horticulture crops which are not currently covered under AgriInsurance; 3. Discussions on BRM programming options to be meaningful and focussed on program effectiveness rather than funding levels. 4. The establishment of an indu ...

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Farmer Groups Urge PFT Ag Ministers to Engage in a Meaningful BRM Review

GUELPH, ON (January 31, 2018) – Producer groups from Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are calling on the Federal Provincial Territorial (FPT) Agriculture Ministers to commit to meaningful engagement in the National Business Risk Management Review (BRM).

In July 2017, the FPT Agriculture Ministers made a commitment to a review of the BRM suite. It is encouraging that the processes have been set up by officials but it is up to the FPT Ministers to set the environment for officials to have a meaningful policy discussion for change.

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AgGrowth Coalition welcomes External Advisory Panel role

TORONTO, ON (January 8, 2017) – TORONTO (January 8, 2018) – Canada’s AgGrowth Coalition welcomes the announcement of the formation of an External Advisory Panel to advise the ongoing FPT BRM review. As part of the Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Agricultural Ministers’ commitment to a comprehensive review of Business Risk Management (BRM), an external advisory panel was announced in late December.

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