AgGrowth Coalition Thankful for BRM Review

Canada's AgGrowth Coalition extends its appreciation to federal, provincial and territorial Agricultural Ministers across the country for recognizing and supporting the need for a review of business risk management programs for farmers.

It was announced last night, following this week's Federal-Provincial-Territorial meetings, that a review of the existing business risk programs will be conducted. The Coalition is hopeful that industry will be actively involved in a process, that is both comprehensive and timely, to ensure risk management programs are effective for Canadian farmers.

AGgrowth Coalition

The AGgrowth Coalition is comprised of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Canola Growers Association, Grain Growers of Canada, Grain Farmers of Ontario, the National Sheep Network, and the Canadian Horticultural Council. The coalition is working towards comprehensive reform of business risk management programming for Canadian farmers.

Media Contacts:

Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Janice Hall
Director of Communications
Phone: 613-236-3633 ext. 2322

Grain Growers of Canada
Fiona Cook
Executive Director
Phone: 613-233-9954 ext. 201

Canadian Canola Growers Association
Catherine Scovil
Director, Government Relations
Phone: 613-232-0223

Grain Farmers of Ontario
Meghan Burke
Phone: 519-767-2773

Canadian Horticultural Council
Mark Wales
Chair of Business Risk Management Committee
Phone: 519-773-6706

Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
Jennifer MacTavish
General Manager
Phone: 519-836-0043